Aftermarket 3534941M91 hydraulic gear pump for Massey Ferguson applications, 0.671 CID with counter-clockwise (left) rotation. Direct fit for the following equipment:
Massey Ferguson Series 1000:
Massey Ferguson Series 300:
367CF, 373, 374AP, 374AP(X), 374AQ, 374F, 374FP, 374FP(X), 374FQ, 374GE, 374GE(X), 374H, 374S, 374SP, 374SP(X), 374SQ, 374V, 374VQ, 377, 383, 384AP,
384AP(X), 384AQ, 384F, 384FP, 384FP(X), 384FQ, 384GE, 384GE(X), 384S, 384SP, 384SP(X), 384SQ, 384V, 384VQ, 387, 393, 394AP, 394AP(X), 394AQ,
394C,394F, 394FP, 394FP(X), 394FQ, 394GE, 394GE(X), 394H, 394S, 394SP, 394SP(X), 394SQ, 394TAQ, 397
1-year warranty and free same day ground Continental US shipping.

Massey Ferguson 3534941M91 Hydraulic gear pump replacement

SKU: MF 3534941M91
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